When I was young, I dreamed of being in the circus. No doubt this was a side effect of an over active imagination and watching too many Disney movies.


So the circus thing never worked out, but being a freelance writer sometimes feels like being in the circus.  


I interview all kinds of interesting people like the researcher in Gabon, Africa who created a vaccine against Ebola in horses. I know, don't ask.


I juggle deadlines, but I get the job done. I love what I do. It's the best job of all, besides my day job.


As a freelance writer for the past three years, I've published numerous articles in magazines, blogs, newsletters and online sites. Many of those publications are listed in my portfolio.   

My qualifications include:

  • Quality work

  • Reliable

  • Flexible

  • Meets deadlines

  • Creative 


So, let me know if you have any writing needs. I'm up for the task and ready to write...even if it requires some juggling. 


(c) Jennifer Hinders.